Compare flat and circular fiber sunshades? Which one should I buy?


Compare flat and circular fiber sunshades? Which one should I buy?

Sunshade nets are materials commonly used in agriculture, with the main role being a net to shield crops from sun and rain. Sunscreens are manufactured in two popular forms, flat and circular fibers, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Compare flat and circular fiber sunshades

Flat fiber sunshade

Flat fiber sunshade is made of virgin PE plastic with a laminated fiber structure about 2mm wide and linked together by HDPE threads through modern looms. The thin thickness in connecting flat mesh fibers will determine the percentage of the net shading and the higher this ratio, the higher the cost of the product. Flat fiber sun nets today are mainly Thai products with much cheaper prices than round fiber mesh types.

Flat fiber sunshades are usually small with a service life of 3 - 5 years and are warranted for 1 year. This type has a variety of shading rates ranging from 40% - 70% with 2 mesh colors commonly produced, green and black. This type of mesh has the advantage of being cheap and has a more diverse variety than round fiber sunshades, making it suitable for many farming households of different sizes. The weight of the mesh is also lighter than the round fiber sunshade, making it easier to transport and install.

However, the flat structure of this mesh is easier to cause stagnation of water on the surface than the circular mesh, so it is easier to cause mesh decay. The UV-coated mesh is capable of preventing ultraviolet rays, but only partially because the mesh has gaps that allow sunlight to penetrate. Since this is a cheap flat fiber sunscreen product, the product quality will not be equal to the high quality circular fiber mesh products.

Round fiber sunshade

The circular fiber sunshade is manufactured with high quality HDPE plastic material with small circular mesh fibers that are woven together through the best weaving machines. The sunshade ratio of the product will vary based on the thickness of the mesh fibers woven together, the thicker the mesh, the better the ability to shade the sun. The commonly used circular fiber sunshade is a high quality imported Taiwan product. In addition, there is a type of Korean produced in Vietnam with advanced knitting technology to create flexible, durable and highly aesthetic mesh fibers.

The circular fiber sunscreen products come in different sizes and up to 4m wide for seamless and more convenient installation. The sunshade ratio of the circular fiber sunshade is usually quite high at around 60% -70% and is usually only available in black with a warranty period of up to 3 years. The good quality allows the round fiber sunscreen products to be used for more than 5 years under the influence of weather and environmental conditions.

The flat fiber structure of the net helps to drain water easily, does not get stagnant on the net, so it will avoid deterioration in the rain. The UV coating of circular fiber sunshades will also be better than flat fibers, so it can better prevent UV rays, helping to protect nets and crops effectively.

Should buy flat fiber or round fiber sunshades?

Each type of shade net will have its own advantages and will be suitable for each specific crop. In order to determine whether to buy flat or round fiber sunshades, many different factors should be considered. Here are some of our tips to make it easier for you to choose the right shade.

Flat fiber sunshades are cheap and often readily available, making them suitable for small-scale agricultural farming and are under testing. This type of mesh will give better sunshading ability than circular fiber nets, so it is often used to grow crops that prefer shade a lot or as sunshades for constructions such as swimming pools, garages, apartments, ... The weight of the net is light, so there is no need for a too complicated truss frame but need to stretch the corners evenly because the net is light so it is easy to bounce. This type of shade net can be used in combination with agricultural greenhouse models to shade crops that prefer shade or shade the sun on hot days.

Round fiber sunshades are of high quality and can be used for a long time, so they are suitable for large-scale agricultural models, models of shrimp, fish, high-tech livestock and poultry that are carried out continuously in many ways. year. With a sunshade ratio of the net not too high and good ventilation, circular fiber mesh is suitable for plants that prefer a bit more light. The supporting frame structure when using the circular fiber mesh shielding needs to be secure because the net weight is quite heavy, but this also makes the construction easier because tensioning is simpler than the flat wire mesh.

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